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RBSCB Structure

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RBSCB Arrangements

This document outlines the function and remit of the RBSCB

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RBSCB Business Plan

Click the link below to view the RBSCB's business plan for 2014-2016.

RBSCB Business Plan 2014-2016


RBSCB membership list (July 2014)

Jane Booth  Independent Chair 
Gail Hopper  Director of Children’s Services RMBC 
Chris Sykes Chief Superintendent, G.M. Police
Paul Marshall  Assistant Director Children’s Social Care RMBC  
Nigel Elliott   Assistant Chief Executive Cheshire & G.M. Community Rehabilitation Company Ltd 
Lesley Mort   Chief Officer NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Clinical Commissioning Group 
Paul Laker  Clinical Vice Chair
NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Clinical Commissioning Group 
Dr Sue Smith  Head of Safeguarding Pennine Acute Hospital Trust
Michele Bennion   Divisional Director Pennine Care Foundation Trust 
Julia Sandiford-Mitchell  Head Teacher Primary Schools 
Kate Connolly  Head Teacher Secondary Schools 
Councillor Donna Martin Lead Member
Vicky Maloney Chief Executive Early Break
Angela Havens Head of Income and Enforcement RBH
Shabana Abasi Head of Service Cafcass
Mike Cross YOT Service Manager RMBC
Luke Goodlet Director for Information and Student Services at Hopwood Hall College
Sandra Bowness Assistant Director Early Help Prevention & Partner RMBC
Anne Carswell Assistant Director Physical Disabilities Adult Social Care
D.I. Caroline Ward Detective Inspector Rochdale PPIU GM Police
Grace Wall NHS England
Simon Lord Lay Member
Ron Hicks Lay Member
Janet Bailey School Governor Representative


Advisors to the Board

Sandra Bruce Service Manager SCU RMBC
Tony Philbin RBSCB Business Manager
Dr Rob Rifkin Designated Doctor Safeguarding
Hazel Chamberlain Designated Nurse Safeguarding

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