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Early Help & Children’s Needs and Response Framework

The Integrated Early Help Strategy is a key element of RMBC's overall vision to improve outcomes for the children and young people of Rochdale and enable them to achieve their full potential.

The strategy sets out how all partners will work together to plan, commission and deliver a range of provision to support children, young people and their families at the earliest opportunity.

This means providing low level services at the right time to meet families needs and to keep them in control of resolving their issues and problems.

The Rochdale's Children's Needs and Response Framework replaces the Threshold Model for Safeguarding and Promoting the Welfare of Children.

It builds on the strengths of the old model and is the local tool to assist all those whose work brings them into contact with children, young people and their families in the Borough, to work together to support all children and young people to achieve their full potential and to protect the very small number of children at risk of harm.

The Framework describes the levels of children's needs and how professionals and organisations must respond to and meet those needs by providing appropriate services in a timely fashion.

Rochdale's Children's Needs and Response Framework applies to all children and young people from conception to the age of 18 years. It has been developed to assist practitioners and managers in assessing and identifying a child's level of need and crucially how best to respond and meet those needs as early as possible to prevent difficulties escalating into crises.

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