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Rochdale’s ‘Step Up / Step Down’ Protocol Launched

This protocol is designed to guide practice by explaining what practitioners need to do so that children and families get the right level of service at the right time and experience safe and seamless transitions between different levels of support. Children’s needs are not static and they may experience different levels of need, throughout their childhood years. In some circumstances a child and family’s needs may not be met through universal services or early help and there may be a need to provide more intensive support by children’s social care. The term ‘step up’ is used to describe this process of seeking to meet a child’s needs with a higher level of service. The term ‘step down’ is used to describe children and their families moving from a higher to a lower level of coordinated support.


The protocol can be viewed here:


A series of one hour briefing sessions have been arranged to help launch the protocol. Sessions are free to attend and are suitable for all practitioners working with children or families. Sessions can be booked at:


Sessions will be held at Number One Riverside on the following dates / times:

26th February 2019,  10 – 11 am and 2 – 3 pm

1st March 2019, 10- 11 am

4th March 2019, 10 – 11 am

11th March 2019, 10 – 11 am and 2 – 3 pm.



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