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Communicating effectively with Children & Young People

Voice of the Child - Resources for Practitioners

There are a range of free tools that can be used to capture the feelings, thoughts and views of a child and young person. There are different tools appropriate for children or young people of different ages, level of need or understanding. There are no factors including age, understanding or level of need that should be a barrier to capturing the views of a child or young person.   

Managers and Practitioners: For further information about the importance of capturing the ‘Voice of the Child’ see our Voice of the Child 7 Minute Briefing

Examples of Tools:

'Animal Talk Activity' 

Autism Toolbox

Children's Participation Toolkit 

Communi-CRATE Worksheets - Sheffkids

Establishing a day in the life of a school age child 

Getting to know a child's routine

‘Say it your own way’- Children’s participationin assessment resources DfE / Barnardo’s

Voice of the child DVD and Worksheets

For further information about each of the tools listed,
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