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Multi Agency Procedures

Rochdale is one of the 10 Local Safeguarding Children Boards across Greater Manchester that share a common set of multi- agency safeguarding procedures.

GM Safeguarding Children Procedures Manual (Tri.x)

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The following policies and procedures are specific to Rochdale. They can also be accessed via local links within the Greater Manchester Safeguarding Procedures Manual

Complex Early Help                              & Safeguarding Hub                       (previously the  Multi Agency Screening Service)

telephone: 0300 303 0440 (8.30am - 4.45pm)                    0300 303 8875 (out of office hours)

email: [email protected]

 Report Template for Child Protection Conferences

The template for single agency reports (except Social Workers) for initial Child Protection Conferences is available by following the link below;

Media Relations Protocol  

Homelessness Protocol

16 17 yr old homelessness protocol


















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